Code of Ethics

Regulatory Services Ltd adhere to the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants’ Code of Ethics

All advice by a member must be given honestly with full disclosure of relevant information and must always have regard to factors, which might reflect adversely upon the member’s integrity. A member should conduct its affairs in accordance with not just the letter, but also the spirit of the law.

A member should be and be seen to be, providing objective and independent compliance consulting services, where the member’s interests are clearly subordinate to the best interests of the member’s client. Any potential conflicts of interest must always be disclosed at the earliest opportunity

A member should continuously try to maintain and improve the professional competence of its relevant staff and should not undertake work in areas in which it is not competent unless it obtains advice and assistance from a competent practitioner in those areas.

Information acquired in the course of professional work should not be disclosed except where it

  • authorised by the client
  • required by law

A member should never use, nor appear to use, such information for the advantage of itself or for a third party.

A member should conduct its business with courtesy and consideration to all with whom it comes into contact in the course of professional work. It should seek to establish and maintain helpful relationships with members of other professions or disciplines.

A member should not engage in any conduct or activity, the consequences of which would bring the compliance consulting profession or the Association into disrepute.